SHERI DAYE is an avid spearfisher with over a dozen world records and a women’s National Championship title. She is the host on “Speargun Hunter,” a TV series on Outdoor Channel. She organizes and hosts “The Blue Wild Ocean Expo,” an annual event in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with the proceeds going to charity. Sheri is a corporate manager with a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA. She serves as a member on the Board of the two world-record keeping organizations, IUSA and IBSRC. She is a co-inventor of the Freedivers Recovery Vest, and on the Advisory Board of Oceanic Safety Systems.

She says, “Of all the methods of harvesting fish from the ocean, none is more honorable than freediving, but it comes with an inherent danger of blackouts. The more experienced members of this spearfishing tribe have a responsibility to educate the younger generation of divers, so that they can live long, safe, and productive lives.” Learn more about Sheri at: The Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo

Thumbs_Kollias_150x150DIMITRIS KOLLIAS was born in Piraeus, Athens, Greece. He became fascinated with the aegean waters and fish early on. At 18 he shot his first “rofos” – grouper, a legendary fish among Mediterranean spearos. He wrote articles for Greek diving magazines and became editor-in-chief of two. In 2002, he published his first book, Spearfishing, the Full Method. In 2004, he and Nic Kouvaras started Deep magazine, dedicated to spearfishing and freediving, which has become DEEP Worldwide.

After losing several good friends to freediver blackout, Dimitris became seriously concerned about this problem. As an author and editor he wrote many articles on freedive safety in an attempt to raise awareness of the risks involved in freediving. As a freediving/spearfishing instructor Dimitris trained more than 200 divers in dive safety and life saving techniques to make them conscious of their need to respect the danger of freediver blackout. Some of those he trained have gone on to become great instructors and spearfishing/freediving record holders. Dimitris is a former member of the Greek National Spearfishing Team, a CMAS freediving instructor, and Judge for AIDA International. Foremost, he is a passionate spearo. Learn more about Dimitris at: Deep World Wide Magazine

Thumbs_Krack_150x150KIRK KRACK is a professional freediving trainer and coach who has worked with eight current world record holders. He is a past member of the executive board of AIDA International and is also an AIDA International Judge where he actively judges world record attempts and competitions.

Kirk has an extensive recreational and technical scuba diving background as an instructor trainer in trimix and mixed gas diving as well as ice-diving and other related fields. With this experience Kirk has been involved in numerous freediving events as diving supervisor, safety diver and videographer for freediving pioneers like Pipin and Audrey Fererras.

Currently he runs his company, Performance Freediving International, where he conducts educational clinics and provides different training services. Kirk also trains and coaches members of the Performance Freediving Team at different world record attempts and competitions. Learn more about Kirk at: Performance Freediving International

Thumbs_Maas_150x150TERRY MAAS has been freediving for nearly five decades. In his early years, he won the national individual spearfishing title four times and his team won twelve times. He held the world record for yellowfin tuna twice and currently holds the record for blue fin tuna—398 pounds.

Terry has authored two books on freediving, Blue Water Hunting and Freediving and Freedive! An avid photographer and videographer, he was the principal cameraman for the first season of Speargun Hunter.

Terry holds three advanced degrees: DDS, Oral Surgery, and MBA. During his practice as an oral surgeon, he administered over 20,000 general anesthetics and taught advanced CPR. His knowledge of respiratory and cardiac physiology has helped him describe some of the underlying physiology contributing to freediver blackout. His Freediver Recovery Vest is an ingenious device designed to deliver the freediver to the surface if he exceeds either his preset depth or time limits. Learn more about Terry at: Oceanic Safety Systems

Thumbs_Pollock_150x150 DR. NEAL W. POLLOCK is the Research Director at Divers Alert Network (DAN) and a Senior Research Associate in the Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke University Medical Center, both in Durham, North Carolina. His academic training is in zoology/marine science, exercise physiology and environmental physiology; his research interests focus on human health and safety in extreme environments.

Neal developed and maintains a breath-hold incident database for DAN that includes cases from 2004 forward. Summaries and case reports have appeared in DAN annual reports since 2005 and a variety of other publications. Neal co-chaired the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society/DAN 2006 breath-hold workshop and co-edited the proceedings published from that meeting. Learn more about Neal at: Divers Alert Network

Thumbs_Stepanek_150x150MARTIN STEPANEK has set over 13 world records in freediving in his competitive career. A native of Czech Republic, Martin is a popular international sporting figure offering seminars and lectures worldwide from motivational speaking to community charity events. He is an ‘Ocean Hero’ for the world’s largest ocean protection group, Oceana where he brings awareness to important ocean conservation issues.

Martin has helped many individuals achieve their potential in freedivingthrough his organization Freediving Instructors International. Learn more about Martin at: FII Freediving Instructors International